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Sonakshi takes on her critics!

Sonakshi Sinha


Mumbai, Oct. 16 -- Sonakshi Sinha has lashed out against the fashion police, which has time and again criticised the actor for being on the heavier side.

The 27-year old actor posted an illustration of a skeleton on a photo-sharining platform, Instagram, with a cacaption that read, "To all those who kekeep commenting on my weight, whether it's a full picture, or a closeup where you can't see jack. Take a good look at this picture. Now get this: 1) this ain't ever gonna be me. 2) get over it. 3) i wish u could see which finger I hold up for shallow and idiotic people like yourself (sic)." She went on to snub the fashion police with another "#idontgiveadamn" post, which drew full support from her peers and the fraternity.

The weight of actresses has always been a talking point in Bollywood, and it's not just Sonakshi who has fallen prey to criticism for her curves. Other actresses who have been criticised include Huma Qureshi, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Parineeti Chopra and Vidya Balan.

Supporting Sonakshi's stand, film-maker Mahesh Bhatt says, "Beauty is a social construct, this model image of an ideal woman has been hardwired into us. Kudos to Sonakshi for speaking up, but she must learn to ignore, Let them bark - it's the price you pay for being a celebrity."

Zarine Khan, who, too, has been picked on for her weight, says, "I have been saying this for the longest time and I value it when actresses speak their minds, like how Sonakshi has. I am glad she has spoken up."