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Sonakshi Sinha: 'We weren't friends'

Sonakshi Sinha

Mumbai, March 25 -- Actor Sonakshi Sinha, who will be seen opposite Arjun Kapoor in an upcoming film, reveals that the two were not friends before working together.

There was a common assumption that because they are both star kids and grew up in the same neighbourhood, they would know each other since childhood.    "Arjun is a great co-star. We weren't friends earlier. We knew each other as kids and would meet at birthday parties. In fact, I knew him more as Sonam's (Kapoor) brother. It's only now that we have bonded," says Sonakshi, adding, "He's a very intelligent, well-spoken and funny guy, besides being a good actor."    

Sonakshi adds that the movie, which is being produced by Arjun's father, Boney Kapoor, is one for the masses. "It's a film for everyone. It's a young love story and I'm looking different in it. In fact, my role, too, is different from what I've played before," she says.