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Sonakshi Sinha set to work in a film by Kush

Sonakshi Sinha

He’s worked as an assistant director on films like Saawariya (2007) and Dabangg (2010).

Now, Shatrughan Sinha’s son, Kush has directed younger sister, Sonakshi Sinha, for an ad film that has been produced by their family banner.

Herein, he talks about working together, and reacts to all the criticism that Sonakshi has had to face about her weight and appearance.

Did working with your sister make things easier?
I didn’t take Sonakshi for granted. She’s a professional, so I treated her like any other artiste, valuing her time and talent. Of course, the comfort level was immense. But, like any other director, I’d reach the sets by 6.30 am, while she would come by 9 am.

Any plans of directing her and your brother, Luv, in a film?
Yes, that’s the plan, but I’m still working on the script. If I have two actors at home, it makes sense to cast them; as a brother, I would also know their strengths. But it’s (the film) still some time away.

Sonakshi has faced some flak for her weight and fuller frame. As a family member, is it tough for you to deal with these comments?
I think Sonakshi is setting a good example: that you can be healthy and beautiful. There are other overweight actresses, but Sonakshi is an easy target because she is successful, and also because you know you won’t get a rude reply from her. Sona is absolutely fine. At least, she doesn’t faint on sets.

Kareena (Kapoor Khan) said on Karan Johar’s TV show that Sonakshi would make a ‘good housewife’.
I have immense respect for Kareena. Since the show’s concept is fun, you say things for the sake of it. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong in being a housewife. Haven’t we all seen our mothers as housewives?

Of late, Sonakshi’s personal life has been in the news. Do such reports bother you?
Sonakshi is my sister. So I will avoid (reading) stories about her personal life. If she has something to tell us, she will do so herself. It doesn’t make sense to read such things and then ask her if they are true or not.