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Sonakshi Sinha: Bitten by the travel bug!

Sonakshi Sinha


Mumbai, April 25 -- Sonakshi Sinha, who visited Maldives a month back for a four-day trip, feels so rejuvenated that she has now resolved to travel more frequently.

A source close to the actor reveals that she returned from her holiday with 400 photographs, given her love for travelling and taking pictures of exotic locations.

"Now, she wants to explore more places and learn about different cultures. According to her, the experience of travelling helps her grow as a person and as an actor too," says the source.

While Goa is her favourite getaway because of its laid-back vibe, we are told that Sonakshi is also keen on visiting Kerala "for its beautiful beaches, and immaculate landscape of blue and green".

The actor's bucket list includes a number of international destinations like Bali (Indonesia), Morocco, the Bahamas, Tokyo (Japan), Venice and Rome (Italy), and Vatican City, says the source.

When contacted, Sonakshi said, "I like going to beaches because I love the ocean, and spending hours snorkelling and indulging in water sports. Other than that, I love walking around cities that have a rich history and beautiful architecture."