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Sonakshi: Personal digs are not okay!

Sonakshi Sinha


New Delhi, Oct. 21 -- Ever since her debut, Sonakshi Sinha has been in news more for her weight than anything else. While she maintained a dignified silence for long, last week, she posted a picture of a skeleton on Instagram, lashing out at those who ridiculed her for her voluptuous figure.

Ask the 27-year-old why it took her so long to react to those who call her overweight, she says, "There always comes a point where enough is enough. This was that point. People take too much liberty behind the mask of anonymity on social media. Also, certain people use journalism as a medium to say whatever they want, when they don't even have the right. Critiquing is okay. But personal digs are not okay. Why should anyone tell me or anyone else, how we are supposed to look, and what size we are supposed to be?" she questions.

The actor reveals that the recent decision to lose weight was her choice and not because she wanted to please people.

"I work towards being fit, not towards being size zero. I am very happy being a healthy size 10. And so is my audience; my success attests that. But certain people are so narrow-minded, petty, shallow and accustomed to herd mentality that they will say anything for the sake of it," she says.

Sonakshi further points out that comments about her weight is "a mindset issue that just has to change."

She says, "I will always stand by the fact that being overweight is not good for you, but I feel that neither is being underweight, and I can say this because I've been on that side of the fence. There is a certain level of fitness that everyone should maintain, and it should always be done in a healthy way. People come in all shapes and sizes; no one should be forced to fit into a mould."