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Sonakshi: Not trying to prove a point..

Sonakshi Sinha


Mumbai, April 6 -- Sonakshi Sinha has never been one to be intimidated by what critics have to say about her.

On several occasions, the young actor has openly raised her voice against those who have made discouraging remarks about her weight, or film choices.

So, when a recent round of rumours claimed that she had taken up a different role, one that involves a lot of action, in director AR Murugadoss's women-centric film to silence her critics, she couldn't help but react.

"That is not my main concern. People have been picking on it (her weight) for the past four or five years that I have been part of the industry, and honestly, I am immune to all this now," says the Bollywood actor, adding, "I am not trying to prove a point to anyone with this film."

The film will see director Anurag Kashyap play Sonakshi's onscreen nemesis. Akshay Kumar is set to make a guest appearance in the movie. Sonakshi, meanwhile, has been busy preparing for the film.

"I am getting to learn martial arts and so many other things. All this is very exciting for me, and keeps me on my toes," says Sonakshi.

Currently, the actor is not undergoing any strenuous training as she has sprained her wrist. "I have been practising for the last 45 days. I have taken a break right now because I have injured my wrist," she says.