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Sonakshi-Anushka were food buddies..

Sonakshi Sinha


New Delhi, Feb. 8 -- Even though they have moved on with their lives now, actors Sonakshi Sinha and Anushka Ranjan used to be the best of friends while growing up. Anushka, who will be making her debut with Binod Pradhan's directorial, says that she often thinks of their escapades together.

"Sonakshi and I have spent a lot of time together, we used to go for swimming classes, and I remember, after r that, we would fiercely dig into our French toast," she says.

In fact, it was their love for food that led them to spend a lot of time within each other. "We were so fond of eating, and eating together at that, it was as no big deal for us to eat 10 French toasts. This is the reason why we were best friends - not just with th each other, but with obesity too," says Anushka, adding, "I would love to work with Sonakshi if I get the chance and it would be fun to work with someone who you grew up with."