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No good parts for Indians in H'wood: Sonakshi

Sonakshi Sinha


Mumbai, June 16 -- A lot of actors don't mind taking up smaller roles in Hollywood projects to get their foot in the door, but Sonakshi Sinha isn't one of them.

She is enjoying her work in Bollywood - soon, she's also going to make her south debut with a film starring Rajinikanth - and Hollywood isn't part of her plans just as yet.

Recently, Sonakshi lent her voice to the dubbed version of an animated Hollywood film and, in the past, she was even offered a Broadway project that never materialised. "I would have had to spare a lot of my time for the rehearsals of the Broadway shows, and given my current schedule, that wouldn't have been possible for me. I can't shift base [to another country or industry] as I have other commitments here [in India]," says the 27-year-old.    

However, at the same time, she says that she is still open to the idea of working there. "Not right now, though, perhaps later. I don't want to leave what I am doing right now," adds Sonakshi, before emphasising on the fact that she's got a good career in Bollywood right now. "I wouldn't take up a smaller part in a Hollywood film. Moreover, I don't think they write very good parts for Indians, except the few one off [cases] like Irrfan Khan, who has done some really good work there. So, unless something really good comes my way, I won't do it. I would rather stay here and do meaty roles," she says.