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'My punctuality puts pressure on my co-stars': Sonakshi

Sonakshi Sinha


Delhi, Dec. 18 -- Actor Sonakshi Sinha has always been known to defy the general belief that celebrities can never stick to the time that they give. Not only is the actor always punctual, she says she has also managed to put pressure on her co-stars to be on time for shoots.

"Sometimes, my punctuality puts pressure on my co-stars. While we were shooting R... Rajkumar (2013), I think my punctuality put a lot of pressure on Shahid (Kapoor). He was actually not that late on the sets ... just 15-20 minutes, something of a liberty that everyone takes. But he used to try his best to come on time. I guess my punctuality rubs off on some people," laughs the 27-year-old, adding, "This quality of mine, however, does not go down well with the people I work with. It is a big pain for those who cannot keep up with me."

Ask her who she has acquired this trait from, and she confesses that it's not from her father, actor and politician, Shatrughan Sinha.

"I don't think it is from my dad, he has a habit of being late. I guess it is from my mom, she is very punctual. But I have taken it a step forward, I am always before time. I guess I have an in-built alarm clock in me," she says.