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Language no bar for Bollywood stars!

Sonakshi Sinha


New Delhi, Dec. 3 -- Taking acting workshops and practising character looks are a thing of the past - the latest training trend for actors is to take diction and language classes to ensure that their on-screen characters speak just the right tongue.

Actor Deepika Padukone, for instance, is busy learning Bengla for her upcoming film that also stars Amitabh Bachchan, and says she's enjoying the process.

"I've played a Tamilian, a Maharashtrian, a Gujarati (in Ram Leela), a Goan (in Finding Fanny), and now I'm playing a Bengali. It's always fun to learn a new language, as it's a different learning experience. Bangla is a soft and lovely language. I'm enjoying the experience," Deepika told us recently.

Actor Sonakshi Sinha, who made her foray into South cinema with actor Rajinikanth's latest Tamil release, feels she is now confident enough to try other regional cinema, too. "I believe that the first hurdle of language has been crossed, and I'm open to doing more films now," she says. For his next film, actor Aamir Khan is also burning the midnight oil to master Bhojpuri. The actor has been taking lessons in the language from Bhojpuri TV writer Shanti Bhushan. "Apart from teaching Bhojpuri, I gave the required diction training to Aamir at his house," says Bhushan.