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Gotta read Sonakshi's reaction to Rishi Kapoor's joke!

Sonakshi Sinha

By Tulsi, News Network

Yikes! Though undeniably charming, this Kapoor clearly has no filters when he talks or tweets! The latest is that he posted a troll on Twitter that kind of made a “Alia is so dumb” joke as well as a “Sonakshi is so fat” joke, pretty much two in one!

As we all know, Rishi Kapoor is working with Alia Bhatt in their next film Kapoor & Sons, and clearly he’s having way too much fun with the young star! He decided to pull her leg a bit on social media and posted a meme on her that made fun of Alia’s blondeness/dumbness/call-it-whatever-coz-she’s-still-pretty-smart! However, unintentionally (or that’s what we think) the meme also made fun of Sona’s size! Have a look at it and you’ll know what it’s all about!

So, Jr. Shotgun doesn’t mind taking any one down in a single shot without thinking when it comes to talking about her size! But with Rishi Kapoor, she replied so respectfully, that it could almost put him to shame!

Said Sona: “I am sure this wasn’t created by him. It’s been something that has been going around for a while. Maybe he just found it funny, that’s OK, that’s his opinion. It’s his sense of humour. It is fine, it’s meant to be taken the right way.”

It’s hilarious, to be honest, and yes of course Rishi Kapoor didn’t mean it in a wrong way. We’re so glad that Sona is mature enough to take it the way she did! And down-right