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Enough with the weight talk: Sona

Sonakshi Sinha


New Delhi, Jan. 14 -- Weight police and Sonakshi seem to share an inseparable relationship. No matter how hard the actor tries to keep that talk at bay, her critics continue to say she's yet to look fit enough, and Sona continues to maintain that she's happy with the way she looks.

"I am a very happy person and believe in being fit. I have always had a very healthy image and have never believed in being skinny. Be healthy and be happy - this is what I believe," says the 27-year-old.

The actor has never shied away from speaking her mind, and says that's the way it will always be. "I have been working in the industry for four years now. The only thing which people say is that I have never succumbed to any kind of pressure that's put on me. I believe that no one can tell you how you are supposed to look. Everyone looks a different way," she says.

She says she is not the only one who has accepted her body type gracefully. "I don't think anyone looks at this (my body type) as a flaw. If it had been looked upon as a flaw, then I would not be where I am, today. People would not sign me and the audience would not want to watch me," she says.

Sonakshi does not get bothered by negative remarks anymore. "These things have stopped affecting me now. I am not trying to prove a point to anyone by saying all this. I just want to be the way I am," says Sonakshi.