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Sohail Khan: 'I understand Aamir's point'

Sohail Khan

Mumbai, March 3 -- Last year (in December), before the release of his film, Dhoom:3, Aamir Khan had told HT Cafe in an interview that his "memory of working with Salman" was "very bad".

He had explained his reason, saying, "He used to come late and would never remember his dialogues. After the film, I was like, 'I can never work with him again.'"  

Now, Salman's brother and film-maker Sohail Khan says, "I understand Aamir bhai's point. Salman bhai is a spontaneous actor. So, actors who study (their roles) and come pre-determined (on the sets) - and I appreciate that too since they are very hardworking and focused - will find working with Salman bhai a little difficult. Aamir bhai always says, 'He (Salman) says anything (in the shot), while I come with so much rehearsal.' So it's difficult, but you have to understand that the two are different kind of actors," says the Jai Ho director.    

And though Sohail believes that both "have their goods, bringing both of them together would be a concerning issue (sic)". He adds, "(It's) simply because one of them would have to meet halfway." However, Sohail believes that he's found Salman "very professional" in the home productions in which they have worked  together.