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Kunal Kemmu-Soha Ali Khan: Way to a woman's heart!

Soha Ali Khan


Mumbai, March 9 -- Newly- wed actor Kunal Kemmu seems to have cracked the code when it comes to making his wife, Soha Ali Khan, happy. What is the magic mantra, you ask? It's 'kaamkajsutra', that is, being a husband who helps the wife at home.

Kunal spent quality time on Womens Day (March 8) with Soha at home, pampering her. He says, "We wanted to make this Women's Day a little more fun, and I wanted to make her smile. So we decided to stay in and do some household chores together, but as you may notice in the pictures, Soha had more fun than I did; but nonetheless it was worth every moment."

Soha, who acknowledges her husband's gesture, says, "Try to add a bit of zing in the most mundane things you do together and, most importantly, learn to listen more and give more - that really makes a lot of difference."

It's common knowledge that marriage is all about a partnership. But the ratio of the partnership may vary from situation to situation, and it's all about being flexible, according to Kunal.

He says, "Be more participative, more attentive and just remember, 50-50 also means that, sometimes, you have to put in 70 and some other time, 30. Either way, learn to balance it out."

Marriage is a mixed bag of the good, the bad, and the boring everyday routine. Soha suggests how you can turn the mundane into interesting. She says, "Every marriage comes with a list of chores, some which you love doing, and some which you hope you didn't have to do. Of course, one is always surrounded by good products that make it that much easier, but domestic chores such as grocery shopping, cooking, laundry can be dull and tiresome. But when you do it with someone you love, it can be fun, and half the work too."