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Salman Khan to the rescue!

Sneha Ullal

Mumbai, Feb. 8 -- Salman Khan is known to be generous and helpful, especially towards his peers in the film industry. And recently, his former co-star Sneha Ullal got a helping hand from him. When Salman learned that Sneha was suffering from lingering backache, he referred her to his physiotherapist, Dr Aijaz Ashai, for treatment.    

Sneha had back pain as a result of an accident on the sets of her Kannada film five years ago. Her condition worsened since she ignored the injury. "Salman insisted for nearly a year and a half that I consult a doctor. He made sure that I started my treatment on time. Thursday (February 6) was my first day with Salman's physiotherapist," reveals Sneha.

The actor goes on to add that Salman coaxed her to come to Mumbai for the treatment.    Dr Ashai, whose celebrity patients include Sohail Khan, Suniel Shetty, Bobby Deol and Apoorva Lakhia among others, explains Sneha's treatment, saying, "She has to strengthen her back a lot after the treatment and undergo therapy for at least six weeks."    

Another recipient of Salman's generosity in recent times is his Jai Ho co-star Santosh Shukla. The actor's brother had to undergo a kidney transplant and Salman footed part of the hospital bill for the same. "Salman called me to his house and asked me how much I am falling short of. I told him I'd manage but he didn't listen to me. He asked his team to deposit ' 5 lakh in the hospital and even called my family and told them not to worry. I am so grateful to him," says Santosh.