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Sidhant doesn't regret taking a stand!

Sidhant Gupta


New Delhi, March 27 -- Bollywood debutante Sidhant Gupta, who was seen in the recently-released Badmashiyaan, is in no hurry to jump on the 'brand' wagon.

Much like a slew of his industry seniors such as actors Shahid Kapoor, Randeep Hooda and Upen Patel, who have all refused to endorse skin whitening creams, Sidhant, too, has let go of a lucrative offer to be the brand ambassador of a similar product.

A source close to the actor says that he was recently offered to endorse a men's cosmetic brand that was earlier endorsed by actor Varun Dhawan.

"Sidhant was not sure if he was comfortable endorsing it, so he felt it was best to refuse at the onset. The brand has been associating with actors including Varun Dhawan. The deal was attractive, too, but Sidhant felt that this product was certainly not for him," says the source.

Sidhant, too, doesn't regret taking this stand. "I have nothing against the brand but the issue was that apart from hair gel, facewash and deodorant, they asked me to promote their other range of products as well, and that would have included a fairness cream. I am really not keen on promoting fairness creams, so I rejected the offer," confirms Sidhant.