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Sidharth: Wish we had a young Kareena

Siddharth Malhotra


Mumbai, April 26 -- Sidharth Malhotra has done only two films after he made his debut with Student Of The Year (2012). But the Delhi boy says he would rather focus on quality than quantity. Here, he opens up about his relationship status, becoming an 'industry' boy, and more.

Being a Delhi boy, do you ever feel uncomfortable mingling with the film fraternity?

It has taken a while, but I now have my own equations in the industry. In the beginning, there was a phase when the Delhi boy in me would get awkward because this was a new world for me. Now, I am getting absorbed [in the industry]. So, the Delhi boy should feel at home in Mumbai very soon.

We hear you recently shot for a song with Kareena Kapoor Khan in the Warrior (2011) remake.

I am a big fan of Kareena, and I have told her that. There's a certain kind of energy and exuberance she comes with. What I like is that she isn't play-acting when she does chirpy roles. She is actually a light-hearted, endearing person. I would like to do a fullfledged film with her now.

Didn't you recently say that you would like to date her?

She is happily married. I wish we had a younger version of Kareena for me to date (laughs).

Rumours suggest that you are dating Alia Bhatt.

We are easily accessible and people see us hanging out together, so they make up stories. She is an important part of my professional life. Alia, Varun (Dhawan) and I have always been close. If after a few months, I get clicked with another girl, the media will create another story. So there's nothing to confirm or deny.

You are one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry. Are you ready to get into a relationship?

Of course I am, but only when I meet the right person. However, I would like to prioritise work. I need to prove to people that I am capable of doing good work. It (getting into a relationship) is very tough because there's so much lined up on the work front.

 You are working with established actors like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Katrina Kaif. What's the feeling like?

We all aspire to work with the best people in our fields. Both of them are the best actresses we have now. So I feel happy that although I am much junior in terms of film experience, I am worthy of being paired alongside them. When I wasn't an actor, I had only seen them on screen, so I feel more excited now (smiles). It also shows that I am on the right path. It's a very encouraging and motivating sign.

You're doing fewer films than other actors.

I would like to do one film at a time. I am trying to schedule whichever new film I am signing up that way. It's best for the director; plus, it's hassle-free. I am not a person, who wants 10 releases (in a year). If I do my job well in the Warrior (2011) remake, and convince you that I can fight, it's more exciting for me than doing 50 different things in a year.

But isn't it a risk to go so slow from the beginning itself?

Surely it is when you do just one film in a year. It's not like that there were no lucrative film offers, but I did it because it seemed right for my performance. It's about quality too.