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Sidharth wants a family vacation!

Siddharth Malhotra


Mumbai, March 7 -- During his childhood, family vacations were an important part of Sidharth Malhotra's summer holidays. Every year, during his break from school, the actor would make plans with his father, who was in the Merchant Navy, as well as the rest of his family.

A source close to him says, "Sidharth's father would travel extensively through the year, so he would share the name of the location he would tentatively be in during the period of his holidays. Sidharth would start planning their vacation well in advance. He would look up books and prepare an itinerary, including all the places he wants to visit."

The actor travelled to China, across Europe and many other countries during these trips as a child. "He looks back at those days and misses them. He remembers how, when he would go to China, he would return with crates full of cola cans, since that particular brand wasn't available in India back then," adds the source.

Now, Sidharth is keen on planning another such vacation with his family soon. The source says, "He has been living in Mumbai, while his family is in Delhi. Due to his busy schedule, he has missed out on spending time with them. So, he has asked his mother to plan a trip that they can all go on sometime this year."

When contacted, Sidharth confirmed the news, saying, "I used to look forward to travelling with my dad during the summer break. It used to be a long family holiday wherever he was. I will ask them to plan a family vacation soon."