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Sidharth, Izabelle get serious?

Siddharth Malhotra


Mumbai, Sept. 26 -- Sidharth Malhotra and Brazilian model-actor Izabelle Leite (of Purani Jeans fame) made headlines last year after being spotted together.

Though buzz about their alleged relationship eventually died down, there are reports that the two young actors are bonding again, and have been spending substantial time together lately.

When asked about this, Izabelle says, "I have no idea where such stories come from. I am yet to see what stories are circulating [about us]. I find such rumours funny."

Reportedly, the two young actors were recently spotted together at various coffee shops. Apparently, they have also been spending time at Sidharth's house in Bandra. But Izabelle rubbishes the rumours, saying, "It wasn't me. I am sure someone who resembles me might have been to Sidharth's place, and has been mistaken for me."

Apparently, both of them also caught a Hollywood movie together recently. "Sidharth is a friend, but linking us is taking things a bit too far," says Izabelle. Sidharth couldn't be reached for a comment.