Siddharth Malhotra
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Siddharth Malhotra: 'Deepika is hot!'

Mumbai, Feb. 20 -- Deepika Padukone seems to be on everyone's mind. Directors want to cast her; and her male colleagues can't seem to stop gushing about her.

After alleged boyfriend Ranveer Singh, who talked about the chemistry they share, it's now young actor Sidharth Malhotra's turn. Fresh off a successful second film, here he talks about wanting to 'kiss' Deepika and working with her as a model. And he almost reveals that they might be working together soon. I have learnt that all questions need not be answered (laughs). Deepika is hot and attractive, so why not? I feel, on screen, our kiss would look convincing. No, Ranveer didn't call me (smiles). But we are talking professionally. We did a photo shoot for Tarun Tahiliani (designer) years ago. Also, we met during a couple of ramp shows we both did. But we weren't great friends then. Also, it was a long time back - eight to 10 years ago - we were both young. It's up to directors and producers. It'd be interesting to work together as actors now. There is a project which requires... so there is a possibility. I will find out in a month's time. There is someone, actually (pauses, then smiles)... I believe there are (interesting) women outside the industry, too. And it's refreshing to hang out with somebody who isn't from the same profession. There are friends (smiles), but no one that special.    Officially, I'm not dating anyone. It might work in the short term,  but not in the long run.