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Sid becomes paparazzi for Alia!

Siddharth Malhotra

By Tulsi, News Network

And they’re in the news again! Alia and Sid are hogging the paparazzi, whether they like it or not (and we feel they really, really like it)! These kids are everywhere together, doing work, having fun, looking all awesome as usual.

This time the news is ultra cute! So as Sid and Alia walked out of a place post a quiet date, they found photographers waiting outside to click them. So, Sid went up to one of them, grabbed his camera, and…. Started clicking pictures of his girlfriend!

Now, you didn’t expect that, did you? Neither did we! But then, these young kids are always doing something unusual. And we say, this was so well-handled by the loverboy, as he made the photographers back off, and also made Alia laugh away at the same time!

Now that’s a real charmer! No wonder he’s got Alia Bhatt floored.