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Karan protects me: Sidharth Malhotra


New Delhi, April 15 -- He has been in the film industry for just about four years. And many consider actor Sidharth Malhotra lucky, for making it big despite being an outsider. The actor agrees that luck has played an important role in his life, and shares anecdotes from his journey...

Even though you're an outsider in the industry, many feel that you have been very lucky...

Well, I became an actor by accident. In fact, my life is full of several interesting accidents. For instance, I got selected at a party for a modelling assignment, and then the modelling agency auditioned me for a film, and I got selected. I came to Mumbai, but that film never got made. Then I struggled and got to know what being an assistant director is all about. And that experience led me to star in Student Of The Year. I feel that luck has been a very important factor in my life. Of course, having Karan (Johar; filmmaker) not just as a mentor, but also as someone who guides, protects and advises me, has been great.

Have you figured out how the film industry functions?

That's one thing I still struggle with. As soon as I feel I have figured that out, a new thing is thrown at me, and then I'm caught off-guard. Apart from acting, Bollywood actors are expected to do many other things, which is what I am still new at. However, I hope that changes. Maybe one day actors will only be expected to act.

You have always calmly reacted to interest in your personal life...

Yes, because I have so much else to do. We, as actors, can't waste our energy on things that aren't productive. I find it best to ignore things that are written (about my personal life).

Alia recently said you are "one of the closest people" in her life right now.

I agree with her. We are very close. I am in full agreement with her statement (laughs).