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How Siddharth Malhotra didn't enjoy kissing Alia Bhatt!

Siddharth Malhotra

By Tulsi, News Network

It’s true! This irresistible cutie says: “The kissing scene between Alia and me in Student Of The Year was odd to rehearse. We didn’t realise that it was so technical. There were many things to consider like the angles of our lips, head and nose. After a while it became boring. Haha.”

Now now, Sid, adding a “haha” may not save you from Ms. Bhatt!

But it doesn’t end here! When asked who he wishes to kiss on screen, he mentioned none other than Dippy! “Deepika Padukone. Hopefully, people will enjoy that. And me too.”

We aren’t too sure of Alia would enjoy that!

But one thing is for sure, Sid is a brave-hearted man! Haha!