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Siddhant Behl: Understanding director's vision is most important..

Siddhant Behl


New Delhi, Feb. 9 -- Actor Siddhant Behl, who garnered much praise for his debut recently with the film Jugni, says that for him, the most important thing is to translate the director's vision honestly.

"Your job as an actor is to convey stories convincingly. While reading the script you develop your own ideas and the director has his or her own vision; the challenge is to translate that vision onscreen. Also, the challenge is that the film makes money (laughs)," says the actor who has his roots in theatre.

Behl, who received rave reviews for portraying folk singer Mastana in the film, is now busy picking up the next script.

"It's said that your first film chooses you, and Jugni embraced me. When I read the script I was sure it came to me because I was meant to play the part. After the release, luckily I got some very encouraging words from some very important people. Now, I'm getting to read a couple of scripts and looking forward to coming on board with some very talented people," he says.

Behl is clear that the banner doesn't matter as long as the work he gets is satisfying. "Many told me to pick up a script that would be backed by a big banner. But I'm happy with my debut, it's very special! My film was a performance-oriented one and has got me noticed, so can't complain. I am here to tell stories and push boundaries," he says.