Shruti Haasan
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Shruti is one more in the social activities bandwagon!

Shruti Haasan

By Tulsi, News Network

Shruti Haasan has a beautiful face and even more beautiful voice. And she’s surely making good use of it! She is lending her voice for a digital AIDS campaign called TeachAIDS. She is doing voiceovers in three different languages! The video is animated, made to attract the youth’s attention.

Why is this awesome? Well, we hear: "Shruti Haasan is someone who's considered to be a youth icon, for being a trendsetter, rule maker and her outspokenness and being true to who she is. Her fans love her expression as an actor and a musician because she adds a little bit of herself to everything she does and does it with complete commitment. Hence, when she was approached by the team to lend her voice to the campaign, it fit right in simply because she had to build awareness for a cause she truly believes in and had to be herself while doing this. Being someone who has a pan India appeal, she is the only actor to have done the voice over for the campaign across three languages English, Tamil and Telugu."

That sounds absolutely great! But we do appreciate all the efforts that Indian celebrities are making to create a difference in India.