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Shruti Haasan: Not interested in love..

Shruti Haasan


New Delhi, May 6 -- While many actors claim that they don't have time for love, actor Shruti Haasan has her own take on the matter.

The 29-year-old says that although she can take out time for love, she doesn't want to, for now. "I think you can make time for love in your life even if you are a busy actor. But I am just not interested in love right now," she says, adding that she is single.

"I am single. I have seven films releasing this year, so either I can date a pilot or a spot boy, because those are the only people I will be meeting this year," says Haasan, daughter of veteran actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika, who has grown up with a lot of media attention.

However, this does not bother her. "It has never been tough for us to differentiate between our public and personal life. We have grown up with this and are used to it now," says the actor, who is also a singer.

"I love both singing and acting. I don't see any reason to choose one over the other, when I can do both. I will continue to do that," she says.