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When Shraddha, Arjun dribbled in New York..


Mumbai, March 30 -- By now, it's a known fact that basketball plays an integral part in Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor's next, an adaptation of one of Chetan Bhagat's novels.

And now, we have learnt that both the actors shot several portions featuring the sport, at the famous basketball court at Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York, (USA).

"It's a famous basketball court in New York, which is located in close proximity of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Most NBA practice sessions take place here. Plus, it's also open to basketball enthusiasts, who come by and watch the sport. The makers were sure that they wanted to shoot key portions there as it added to the sequences," says an insider.

In fact, director Mohit Suri calls it "an exhilarating experience to shoot and play with the NBA team and local talent in New York." He says, "It was a fun experience to shoot the sequences as the court is placed amidst greenery on one side and the city skyline in the backdrop, which makes for great visuals."

Mohit admits that obtaining permissions was challenging for a film crew while shooting abroad. "However, the authorities were cooperative and granted us the necessary permits. Also, NBA helped us with the same. We, in fact, shot a lot of sequences in guerilla style, so that we can capture the vibe of the city and stay as real to its surroundings," he says.