Shraddha Kapoor
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Shraddha's Delhi connect!

Shraddha Kapoor


New Delhi, Aug. 17 -- Bollywood actor Shraddha Kapoor is Mumbai-born and brought up. However, she has a lot of family and friends in the Capital and that's what makes Delhi her second home. "After Bombay, it's Delhi for me. My dad's from Delhi and therefore, many cousins too," says actor Shakti Kapoor's daughter.

But that's not all. Apart from familial ties, she has got her own set of friends in the city. "I have got friends in Delhi and my 'bestest' friend is also from here. So, that's great," she smiles, adding that she has grown up in the city relishing "Dilli ka khana".

She doesn't get to visit the city as often as she would like to though, because of her professional commitments. She adds. "My visits to Delhi have reduced and I don't get to come here as often as I want to."