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Shraddha wants Bachchan's feedback..

Shraddha Kapoor


Mumbai, Sept. 24 -- After the success of her latest release at the box office, Shraddha Kapoor is now ready for her next film, in which she stars opposite Shahid Kapoor. But before the movie hits cinemas, Shraddha is keen on showing it to her first ever co-star, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan (in Teen Patti; 2010).

A source close to Shraddha says, "She has asked her team to make the necessary arrangements for the screening in case Mr Bachchan is able to make it. She wants his feedback. She feels that he is the best person to give her advice, as he was around when she did her first Bollywood film."

Ask Shraddha about this, and she says, "I made my debut with Amitabh sir, and he was very supportive of me. Now that my next film is at the brink of its release, I would love to have him watch it, and give me his valuable advice."