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Shraddha scolds fan's dad!

Shraddha Kapoor

Mumbai, April 23 -- Bollywood actors often take time out to meet their fans at shooting locations. Shraddha Kapoor, too, did the same when she got to know that a seven-year-old girl had dropped in on the sets in Pune.

She was shooting for a commercial at the time. However, the meeting was not a pleasant one. The young fan's father, while praising Shraddha, told her that his daughter was not as pretty as her. And the actor was taken aback.    

A source says, "She was shooting for a brand in Pune on Saturday (April 19). During the break, the father-daughter duo met the actor in her vanity van. The fan's father mentioned that his daughter is not as beautiful as her. That did not go down well with Shraddha. She thought it might damage the little girl's self-esteem."    

So, she gave him a piece of her mind. "Shraddha told the girl that she had a pretty smile and called the father outside. She then scolded him for being disrespectful towards his daughter. She also told him that what he said could have serious implications on her growing up years," adds the source.    

While the actor confirmed the news, her spokesperson added, "Shraddha's words made him repent his behaviour. She later met his daughter again and all was good. Shraddha told her to dream big and believe that she is the best. The man was so touched by this that he wrote a letter to her parents (Shakti and Shivangi Kapoor) praising the kind of upbringing she had been given."