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Shraddha learns for Rock On Sequel!

Shraddha Kapoor


Mumbai, June 5 -- Shraddha Kapoor is working hard to prepare for the role of a singer in her next, which is a sequel to Rock On!! (2008).

While she recently visited Shillong, Meghalaya, to understand the indie music culture there (the film is set there), she now plans to accompany her co-star and singer, Farhan Akhtar, to one of his upcoming gigs.

Shraddha, apparently, wants to see what goes on behind the scenes at a live concert. A source close to the actor says, "The lifestyle of a singer in a band is very different from that of a playback artiste. Shraddha wants to understand the technicalities involved in a live concert, and what happens before and after a show."

As Farhan has a band of his own, she will have the freedom to explore all aspects of the performance. "She has already asked Farhan to inform her about his next show, which will be held in a couple of months, so that she can lock her dates accordingly," adds the source.

Although Shraddha has attended a lot of concerts in the past, this is the first time she will take a keen interest in the way they are organised.

When contacted, Shraddha confirmed the news, and said, "I am looking forward to attending Farhan's concert. I've been to various gigs before, but this time around, I want to understand the band culture, and what goes behind the scenes. Since I am a music lover, this will be one of my favourite preparation phases."