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Shraddha Kapoor undergoes training in rock music!

Shraddha Kapoor


Mumbai, March 12 -- Shraddha Kapoor, who has signed up to star in the sequel to Rock On!! (2008), will soon start preparing for her role. We've learnt that she is going to undergo training in rock music to learn more about the genre.

A source close to the actor says, "She wants to understand and be able to appreciate music as a rocker. She feels that unless she understands the genre as a whole, she won't be able to do justice to her character."

Shraddha is a trained singer, who has lent her voice to Bollywood tracks, but rock as a genre is a new territory for her. "She has been fond of rock music while growing up, but she never got too involved in it. She has grown up listening to bands like The Beatles. However, this course will help her comprehend and appreciate the subtle differences between bands, the evolution of rock music, and more," adds the source.

When contacted, Shraddha confirmed the news.