Shraddha Kapoor
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Shraddha Kapoor opens up!

Shraddha Kapoor

Talking about being a star kid, the actress says, "It’s hard no matter where you come from. You have your own struggles." In a candid chat with HT Brunch, Shraddha Kapoor opens up.

Birthday: March 3

Sun Sign: Pisces

Place of Birth: Mumbai

School/College: Jamnabai Narsee School and American School of Bombay

First Brerak: Teen Patti (2010)

High point of your life
The release of Aashiqui 2

Low point of your life
Seeing how Teen Patti fared at the box office

Currently I am...
Shooting for The Villain, and endorsing Wella Professional

The best thing about your dad, Shakti Kapoor.
That he is a funny person.

Are you practical or romantic?
Both now!

Is it harder/ easier to be a star kid in Bollywood?
It’s hard no matter where you come from. You have your own struggles.

The turning point of your life.
Going to Boston University to pursue Theater Studies.

If you could eat anything and never put on weight, what would you live on?
I do eat everything and luckily, don’t gain much weight.

Tell us about your experience of watching Aashiqui (1990).
I was told by my director not to watch the movie at all. I still haven’t watched it.

Five essentials if you were stranded on an island?
My iPad with lots of movies on it, food, my dog, a comfortable blanket and a knife.

You’re also a singer. Which song or film would you love to do playback for?
Any of my own films. I’d like to sing for my character.

If you could go back in time, which period of history would you visit and why?
I am happy being in the present as I relate to it the most.

If you had to make a comedy film, whom would you cast?
Sridevi, my father and Govinda.

One household chore you’d rather do yourself.
Organise and clean my cupboard.

You’re sentimental about…
My family.

Three places you love shopping at.
London, boutique stores in Paris and flea markets across the world.

The gadget you’re lusting after.
An Apple TV.

Your fitness routine.
I go to the gym three times a week. That’s all.

Your 3am friend.
My sister, Eshanka Wahi, who lives in Delhi.

You have faith in…
The universe.

Your essentials for great hair.
Quality products, proper rituals and healthy diet make a difference. Always research the products before use. It’s a little extra effort, but it’s worth it.

The craziest colour you would want for your hair.

What do you do in a crisis?
I call my mom. It always works.

Your favourite street food.
Sev puri.

You destress with...
Music. It’s the best way to unwind.

My movies
The film you have seen more than 5 times.
Andaz Apna Apna

The most paisa vasool film.
3 Idiots.

A movie that was a part of your childhood.

The first movie you saw on the big screen.
I was too young to remember which one.