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Padmini: Shraddha made the right choices


Mumbai, Jan. 31 -- Acting has always been an integral part of Padmini Kolhapure's life. The actor began her career as a child artiste, became a feature film heroine, and has now completed more than four decades in the entertainment industry.

"You just surrender to the craft," she says. In an interview with HT Cafe, the actor talks about her son Priyank Sharma's acting aspirations, her new play, movies, and her niece Shraddha Kapoor.

Your son is planning a career in films...

He is preparing in every way, and he's doing it on his own. He is going to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, USA. He took up theatre in school, and no matter how hard we tried to keep him away from acting to prevent his studies from being affected, we couldn't (laughs). He is raring to become an actor. My husband and I are supportive of his decision.

Has he signed his first project?

We've been speaking to a few people, but nothing has been confirmed.

What's your take on Shraddha's career graph?

Good films have come her way, and she has made the right choices. She is a grounded girl. The credit goes to her mother. Of course, that quality has to be in the child as well. I used to be concerned about how she would manage in the industry, but I think she is doing pretty well.

Are you happy with the response to your play?

We've had many shows [of the play] in Mumbai. We've taken the play to Dubai, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It's like a Bollywood movie on stage, with dancing and singing. Theatre has a magic of its own.

Which medium do you enjoy more, theatre or films?

You always give your best in any medium, whether it's theatre or films. Also, it is really fulfilling if you are not looking at the outcome. It dissolves the purpose of the exercise if you are doing something for applause or to win an award. But, if you are doing it for your passion, it doesn't matter.

But films must have been special for you..

Films have always been my first passion. Once you have -- I won't say mastered the craft -- had more experiences, you know it like the back of your hand. Theatre is something that you're always reinventing. In theatre, you have all kinds of experiences. Sometimes you are making a mistake and sometimes someone else does. Theatre is an actor's medium. Whether it is a technical fault or any other glitch, you have to put in your best effort. We have performed outside of Mumbai, especially at places where there has been electricity problems and load shedding. It was challenging.

What are some of the fondest memories of you journey so far?

I've been acting since the time I was very young. I feel like I've been working since my last birth. My fondest memories are working with my directors and producers as a child actor. Normally, one hears all kinds of stories about child actors not being treated well. But, I've had a beautiful journey as a child actor. And, when you're the leading lady, everything comes your way. I've had a great experience working with the late Dev Anand and the late Raj Kapoor. And, I've had absolutely no regrets.