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Movie time on the go for Shraddha Kapoor!

Shraddha Kapoor


New Delhi, March 21 -- Travelling back and forth from the film sets everyday can be tiring as well as time consuming for any actor. But actor Shraddha Kapoor has come up with an effective way to manage the time that she spends commuting in her car.

The 26-year-old utilises this time to catch up on films. "While commuting in the city, it could take hours to reach a destination. So, to make the most of her time, Shraddha has an interesting mix of films on her tablet, which she is keen to watch. When she travels on slightly longer routes during peak hours, Shraddha carries her tablet along and watches these films," says a source close to the actor.

In fact, Shraddha now enjoys her travelling hours. "Recently, when she was on her way to the sets of an ad shoot, she was stuck in traffic for almost two hours. However, Shraddha was rather thrilled because she finally got a chance to watch the film, Into the Wild, a film she has been wanting to watch for a while now," adds the source.

Not only this, Shraddha has even been asking her friends to recommend her films which she can watch on these journeys. "She has really started enjoying her time in the car. In fact, she is constantly been on the lookout for film recommendations," says our source.