Shraddha Kapoor
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Did you know Shraddha and Tiger Shroff went to the same school?

Shraddha Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

These celeb kids I tell you! Growing up together and then working together/romancing each other… That’s absolutely normal for them!

Yes! So is the case with Shraddha Kapoor and Tiger Shroff! The two young bees will soon be seen together in Bhaagi…

Says Shraddha: “Tiger was in my school. We had even met a couple of times as kids. We weren’t great buddies though. But when I went onto the sets of Baaghi on the first day, Tiger and I got along really well!”

So, eventually one day or the other, celebrity kids become friends.

More about the film Bhaagi… Shraddha Kapoor will be doing a very different role in the film! She’ll be a lot less glamorous and doing a lot more action!

Woah! Shraddha has done many different roles already, from the savior of a villain (Ek Villain), to a dancer (ABCD), to a rock chick (Rock On 2), and now an action queen!

Not bad, girl!