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Can't believe I'm clashing with my crush, Hrithik, says Shraddha Kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor


Shraddha Kapoor has been basking in the glory of her recent success. The actor, whose last film recently crossed the `100 crore mark, is now looking forward to her upcoming releases. Her next, in which she stars opposite Shahid Kapoor, will clash at the box office with a film that features her childhood crush, Hrithik Roshan. And Shraddha couldn’t be more excited about that.

Your film will be competing with Hrithik’s. How does that feel?
I can’t believe I’m clashing with my idol. I’m definitely going to watch his film. I’ve been told that it’s a great weekend for films to release (the four-day extended weekend, October 2-5). The trailer of my film has been received well, and I’m looking forward to watching Hrithik’s film too. I hope the hype around the films continues to stay, and I hope both do well.

Hrithik often speaks highly of the young lot of actors in Bollywood today.
He has been very sweet. He had sent me a message after Aashiqui 2 (2013) released. When I read it, I almost died. I had to be brought back to life to respond to it.

Has it been a conscious decision on your part to choose films that are the usual song-and-dance sagas?
I take my decisions from the heart. I’d love to do a song-and-dance film, but I have to be convinced about the project. I’m not averse to commercial cinema.

How does your family feel about your recent success?
They’re very happy and thrilled. They’re also proud of me and if you ask me, it is lovely to see their smiling faces. In fact, it was my dad who told me that my film had crossed the `100 crore mark. He is very regular about keeping updates. I am even planning to organise a dinner with my entire family to celebrate, but that will depend on everyone’s availability. It will be a small gathering and I’ll have to take permission from my physical trainer because I’m on a strict diet for my upcoming film.

So, will you be losing weight?
No, please don’t assume that it’s a random diet to lose weight. It is, in fact, one to gain some muscle.

Varun (Dhawan, actor) has said that you’re his only co-star he has grown up with. And now you’ll be romancing your childhood friend.
Romancing Varun will be very amusing. It’s going to be insane amount of fun. I think working with a friend will be great. Though it will be very funny, but we will have to figure out a way to develop chemistry and to do romantic scenes with each other.