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Bollywood Actors reveal their fears!

Shraddha Kapoor


Mumbai, April 29 --


Fear of: Mice Yami Gautam, who is currently shooting for a film, came across a mouse on the sets recently. While she'd always been scared of mice, the actor wants to conquer her fear now. "I caught the mouse and even played with it for a while," said the 26-year-old actor.


Fear of: Darkness Alia Bhatt finds it tough to sleep in a dark room. The actor has, in fact, said that when she was a kid, her sister used to play a prank on her by locking her up in a dark room. "I'd keep crying to get me out of the room," Alia was quoted saying.


Fear of: Being under-water Kriti Sanon says she is hydrophobic and is trying to overcome her fear. "I don't like being under-water, but I want to change that. I plan to take it up as a challenge," says the 24-year-old actor, who has also considering taking swimming lessons.


Fear of: Closed spaces Although he plays the invincible hero on the big screen, not many people know that Ajay Devgn has a fear of closed spaces. Apparently, he has been petrified of entering elevators ever since he met with an accident in one. Ajay was in an elevator once when it started malfunctioning and fell from the top floor to the last level. "I am claustrophobic and have a fear of being stuck inside an elevator. Once I was in a lift and it came hurtling down," he says.


Fear of: Thunderstorms Although her rain sequence with Aditya Roy Kapur in Aashiqui 2 (2012) became quite popular, Shraddha Kapoor admits that she's scared of lightning. "Shraddha is afraid of lightening. While she enjoys the rain, she immediately runs inside whenever there's thunder," says a source close to Shraddha.