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Shoojit works on a tight budget!

Shoojit Sircar


New Delhi, April 19 -- Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar says that while he is aware of the risks than an out-of-the-box film comes with, he ensures that his producer, at least, recovers the money spent on making the film.

Sircar aslo adds that he does his bit by not making films with overthe-top budgets and expensive sets. "I make sure that my producers always recover their money. I keep my budget very tight. I know that I am making an unconventional film in this conventional industry, so I have to make sure that the producer recovers his costs," he says.

The filmmaker, who hit the jackpot with his directorial debut Vicky Donor (2012), says that the new-age audience welcomes different kind of films. "I feel that today we have an audience for everything. My films like Yahaan (2005) and Vicky Donor were a risk. When I was filming Vicky Donor, people thought I am making a sleazy C-grade film just to make money. But when they watched, they realized what it was about," he says.

The filmmaker says that he is open to making larger than-life films, but in his own way. "The way I look at these subjects is very different. I don't mind making these kind of films, but I will direct them in my style. So, you will not have someone jumping over buildings in my films," says Shoojit, whose upcoming film Piku releases next month.