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Shilpa Shetty: 'Motherhood beautiful, but exhausting'

New Delhi, Nov. 28 -- If you're missing actor Shilpa Shetty-Kundra on-screen, it's because she is busy playing a 'more amazing role' off-screen, that of a mother.     

"Viaan (her 18-month-old son) is my life but it's exhausting to run around after him. I don't know how mothers without help do it ... Some women hold their own bag, bacche ka bag, bacche ko bhi, it's just so amazing," says Shilpa, 38.

"It's not as if I hand over my kid to someone else but, at least I have someone to hold my bag, Viaan's milk bottle, his nappies and wipes. I don't want to hold all those things," she adds.    

The actor, who is married to entrepreneur Raj Kundra, was recently in the city as the brand ambassador of VLCC's YaP (yoga and physiotherapy service). A health buff herself, Shilpa has taken out her own yoga DVDs in the past.

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