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Shekhar Suman: Nothing is limiting me now..


Mumbai, Feb. 1 -- Shekhar Suman is ready for his second round on the big screen with his new project. The actor has starred in many films, including Utsav (1984) and Naache Mayuri (1986), but his last full-fledged role was 12 years ago in Ek Se Badhkar Ek (2004).

Now, Shekhar, who is known for his shows on television, wants to act in movies more often. He feels that while he has "served TV for a long time", he is essentially a film actor.

Shekhar says, "One enters the entertainment industry with stars in their eyes. You want a career in films, but then you become successful elsewhere and your focus shifts due to money or complacency. But life comes full circle. I feel this movie is a pivotal point in my career. It has come at the right time and will decide the next 20 years of my film career."

The actor says he is thrilled to be working in the movie, which will also star Sanjay Dutt and is being directed by Omung Kumar. Shekhar says he admires Omung for the conviction with which he made films such as Mary Kom (2014) and Sarbjit (2016).

The actor is popular on TV, but he hasn't acted on the small screen for a long time. Shekhar says he has been part of 40 shows, including Dekh Bhai Dekh and Reporter, but he feels people remember "roles one does in films" better.

"You can be happy with the work you're doing, but getting attention for your work is also important. We're in show business, and we need to show our work to people. If it doesn't reach them, then what's the point?" he says.

The actor says that he has decided that he has worked a lot on TV and will continue to work on TV, but he will be selective about his projects on the small screen.

"My focus will be on movies. The actor in me wants to be very active, but primarily in films. I was trying to reinterpret and reinvent my own career, but happiness will come from doing good roles," he says.

Shekhar admits that when he was younger, he focused on playing lead roles. But he is now game to "experiment with grey or negative roles". He adds, "Nothing is limiting me now. The in-between phase of metamorphosis is terrible - when you can't decide how to move forward, you're complacent with the TV business and don't want to get out of your comfort zone."