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Shazahn Padamsee: Hand-picked by dad!

Shazahn Padamsee


Mumbai, Feb. 14 -- Shazahn Padamsee made her acting debut with Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year (2008), and has been part of films like Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji (2011) and Housefull 2 (2012).

But she has kept away from films in the last couple of years. The actor insists that she will only take up roles that really interest her; and that her father - veteran theatre personality Alyque Padamsee - has also started advising her on the roles she should take up.

In fact, Shazahn has just finished shooting for two films, both of which she took up after consulting Alyque. "He has been in the creative world for a long time, and as a professional, he understands the significance of a good script. So, I have started taking his advice before signing films. He has always commented on my roles and is my biggest critic," says Shazahn.

The actor reveals that early in her career, she was reluctant to approach her father for advice. "Like any other youngster, I thought I was confident enough to carve my own path. So, I didn't consider taking anyone else's advice. But, now I know that his feedbacks on scripts offered to me will only help me," she says.