Sharman Joshi
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Sharman Joshi may drop his pants for his next?!

Sharman Joshi

By Tulsi, News Network

This phenomenal actor is always making us laugh till we have tears in our eyes. But this time you will be surprised what he’s up for! He will be playing the lead in Hate Story 3, the third part of the sex-thriller series…

The film also starts Zarine Khan.

This is the first time Sharman Joshi will be doing an erotic film. The last time he was seen around a girl in a film was when he was doing funny dances on funny songs. So, this will be quite…different.

Let’s see what the actor himself has to say about this: "We all enjoy erotica privately so what's wrong if one is doing it in a film made for mass consumption? We're planning to do stuff which hasn't been attempted in this genre before. If the script requires me to go butt naked, I am willing to drop my pants. I believe if erotica is shot aesthetically, it can be sexy."

Are the audience going to take this well? We don’t know, but we definitely do want to know their reactions.