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Sharman comes back to theatre..

Sharman Joshi


New Delhi, June 9 -- Professional life has come full circle for actor Sharman Joshi, as he is coming back to theatre for the same play that he did eight years ago.

The 3 Idiots actor will be playing the male protagonist in the Hindi adaptation of the Marathi play, Sahi Re Sahi. "Eight years ago, I was part of the Gujarati version of this play," informs Sharman, who is excited to be back on the stage. Before he switched to films full time, he was an active theatre artiste.    

The rehearsals for the play will start soon, but the mere thought of acting in front of the live audience is exciting enough for Sharman. "It has taken me a long time to get back to theatre. I had been contemplating about it, and now that I've chosen the play, I want to be a part of it. It's a great adrenaline rush," says Sharman, who is busy with workshops for his next film with actor Kajal Agarwal.    

The play, which will be directed by Kedar Shinder, will also travel to the UK, the USA and Canada, besides touring Indian cities. Ask him which medium he finds more liberating, and the Sorry Bhai actor says, "Theatre is liberating and more exciting, since we perform live in front of the audience. Which means, unlike films, there are no retakes. You have to deliver your best in just that one shot that you have! It also allows a closer connect with the audience and thus gives instant gratification," says Sharman, who clarifies that films will be his priority. He has a horror flick and a comedy film under production and has signed yet another.