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Shakti Kapoor's all praise for Ekta!

Shakti Kapoor


New Delhi, Feb. 15 -- Actor Shakti Kapoor, who's been shooting for a sex comedy, is all praise for the film's producer Ekta Kapoor. Ekta has apparently been very flexible with his dates, and has been allowing him to shoot for his other commitments, too, without any fuss.

A source Ekta has been very flexible with Shakti's dates, and has alllowed him to shoot for other films apart from hers

"Shakti is also working in a few other projects including Ramesh Sippy's upcoming movie, so was juggling several shoots at the same time," says a source close to the actor, adding, "He was running from one location to the other. He was shooting for Ekta's film in Bangkok while the other projects were being shot in Delhi and Lucknow, so he was flying to and fro all the cities, but Ekta never raised a brow unlike other producers. Shakti was all praise for Ekta for understanding his plight and letting him continue with the shoot of his other films."