Shahid Kapoor
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Source: Shahid is very sensitive to Mira's needs..

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

Shahid and Mira are the hottest newly-married couple, and they look delightful together! Honestly, the age gap is pretty much invisible, and apparently he is the best husband ever!

Shahid Kapoor is totally rocking it in Bollywood as well as with wifey! He’s doing the sweetest things for her! He even left Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa half-way so that he could take Mira on their honeymoon to London! He knows what his priorities are, and neither work nor the wife need to be given a moment to complain to Sasha!

Says a source: “He didn’t want to leave her alone even for a moment to give her time to feel homesick, lost, alone or miss her parents home or her maika. Shahid is very sensitive to Mira’s needs."

"He’s been conscious of the fact that she’s been living with her family, and has never been alone. So Shahid made sure that he took her along everywhere he went. She accompanied him for his shoots, for his gym sessions. And he called his close friends over for dinner every night, so the house was always buzzing with people. They have also gone for romantic dinners by themselves. They haven’t been apart from each other at all. He has been very busy before and after his marriage but Mira has not felt that at all.”

How sweet is he?! We could fall in love with him again and again!