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Shahid's runaway fan!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, June 9 -- Most Bollywood actors have witnessed bizarre incidents triggered by hysteria among their fans. But a recent occurence left Shahid Kapoor shocked.

One of his female fans, a 20-something teacher from Kolkata, ran away from her home just to meet him in Mumbai. Apparently, after an unsuccessful attempt to meet Shahid in person two months ago, she made another visit recently.    

During her first visit, she only managed to meet Shahid's younger brother Ishaan Khattar. "She found out where Ishaan stays and landed up there. It was only after he convinced her that Shahid doesn't live with him in the apartment that she left. She also managed to get in touch with Shahid's manager and made several calls to her," says a source close to the actor.    

By that time, her family members found out that she was in Mumbai and came to take her back. "But last month, she returned to Mumbai and contacted the manager again. She urged her to allow her to meet Shahid just for a few minutes," adds the source. This time, the manager relented. He informed Shahid about her and the actor asked his team to arrange for a meeting.    

Ask Shahid about the meeting and he says, "It feels overwhelming when people have so much love and appreciation for your work. At the same time, it's worrisome when they do such extreme things. I met her and requested her to go back home to her family and loved ones."