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Shahid's fiancee Mira doesn't like the publicity and attention

Shahid Kapoor

By Tulsi, News Network

News has it that Shahid’s fiancé Mira has been going about deleting some of her friends on social media! Why? Because she had confided in them about dating the super-cute superstar, and she feels that some of them have leaked the news to the media.

Well, clearly that’s not going down well with Ms. Rajput, soon to be Mrs. Kapoor. As well as her family, who is quite uncomfortable with becoming the talk of the town.

Someone close to Mira’s family shares: “Mira’s family never saw it coming. They knew what they have signed up for, but they didn’t have the slightest idea that just a news would become so big. Now both the parties are keeping it low. While Mira has deactivated all her social media accounts, Shahid as we all know doesn’t want to reveal much for the time being.”

Well, Shahid Kapoor has done a fantastic job at keeping it low, respecting his new family’s feelings. Even after the news was out, he has refused to speak about it more than necessary.

What a gem, this boy!

As for Mira, she really needs to get used to the celebrity status, for Shahid’s sake! We don’t think that deactivating your social media accounts does any good. It was your choice, after all! To not have expected this is rather, silly.