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Shahid's extended practice!

Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, Aug. 13 -- He's known for his exceptional dancing skills. So it comes as no surprise that Shahid Kapoor put in extra hours to perfect his performance ahead of a recent show in London.

A source close to the actor reveals, "Despite having rehearsed for a few hours, Shahid practised for some more. He wanted the back-up dancers to get the steps right. Apparently, they weren't able to learn the moves, so Shahid took charge and rehearsed with them for seven hours, till they perfected the steps."

When contacted, the actor's spokesperson confirms the news, saying, "Shahid started as a back-up dancer himself with Shiamak Davar's dance troupe. That's why he is extremely sensitive towards them. He feels that they put in a lot [of effort], but are generally taken for granted. So he practised with them to ensure they perfected their act."