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Shahid Kapoor


Mumbai, Nov. 13 -- While some actors bring in their own inputs for a character, there are others who go with what the director has to say. Shahid Kapoor admits that he falls into the second category. The actor, whose performance in his last film was lauded by many, maintains that he likes going with the director's vision of the character.

"I usually follow what the director has to say," he says, adding, "Once you're on the set, you're there as a professional, and you should do whatever is required of you. Therefore, it's important to work with the people you connect with."

Shahid, who has worked with several directors in his over-10-year-long career, feels that questioning a director's vision is an unnecessary thing, something he tries to avoid. "If the director says he wants to put the camera in a particular place, and the cameraman thinks otherwise, how do you choose who's right? It's the vision of the film-maker. I focus on understanding what the film-maker wants to say, and then I try to bring that to life," he says.

The 33-year-old also points out that while the director is considered the captain of the ship, and his call is final, inputs by the crew, if interesting, are not completely written off either. "For example, if an assistant cameraman has an input to give, he is given a chance to voice it," he says.